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Dita Racing becomes BootMod3 distributor in Malaysia after an in detailed research and analysis on ECU tuning. For many years, it is one of our mission to include ECU Tuning as one of our service lineup to compliment and support our existing products such as exhaust systems and air intake systems. By adding ECU tuning, Dita Racing is able to provide a better performance package to our esteemed customer base who always demand the best performance for their cars.

Bootmod3 is the World’s First, Most Advanced and Widely Adopted Factory ECU Tuning Platform for BMW F and G series Vehicles and the A90 Toyota Supra and is available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. If you love modifying cars, tuning, pushing the limits, striving for ultimate in tune refinement, be it at the track, dyno or street, then BootMod3 is for you! BootMod3, is developed by Pro Tuning Freaks, a company based in Canada who has always been passionate about anything car related but most of all, performance tuning. The current focus is on BMW (2006+) and Porsche (2001+) factory turbo cars. Pro Tuning Freaks takes pride in extracting reliable power consistently from some of the greatest engines coming out of BMW and Porsche factories. Their overbuilt and overengineered nature leaves plenty of untapped potential from the factory. It is this potential that Pro Tuning Freaks help calibrate for the customers and customize to their needs and goals.

Up until bootmod3 came into existence there were two popular ways of tuning the BMW F series, using a piggyback device to add boost and sending your ECU (DME) out for a one time flash to a tuner of your choice. With the piggyback the end user has partial control over the boost the car is running but no direct control over any other engine parameters such as ignition timing, lambda targets, fuel pressure targets, torque/load targeting, throttle mapping, valve timing and duration, among others. With the one time flash some tuners were providing the ECU would get reprogrammed on the bench and many of the parameters above would get adjusted. However, if the end user wanted to customize their tune for different modifications, octane levels, go bigger turbos, built motor, datalog how the car was running, to get the most performance out of their car there simply wasn’t any way of doing so, until now!

Available on the below models:

  • BMW F2X & F3X N13 Engine – 114i, 116i, 118i, 316i & 320i
  • BMW F2X, F3X & F1X N20 Engine – 125i, 220i, 228i, 320i, 328i, 420i, 428i, 520i & 528i
  • BMW F2X, F3X, F1X, F02 & F87 N55 Engine – M135i, M235i, 335i, 435i, 535i, 640i, X3, X4, X4 M40i, X5, X6 & M2
  • BMW F8X, F87 S55 Engine – M3, M4 & M2C
  • BMW FXX, GXX B48 B46 Engine – 120i, 125i, 220i, 225i, 320i, 330i, 330E, 420i, 430i, 520i, 530i, X3 & X4 20i 25i 30i
  • BMW FXX, GXX B58 Engine – 140i, 240i, 340i, 440i, 540i, 640i, 740i, 840i, Z4 M40i, M140i, M340i & X3 M40i
  • BMW F1X N63TU Engine – 550i, 650i, 750i, X5 & X6 50i
  • BMW F1X F8X S63TU Engine – M5, M6, X5M & X6M
  • BMW F90 S63TU4 Engine – M5 F90
  • BMW F9X S58 Engine – X3M & X4M Competition
  • TOYOTA A90 A91 Engine – Supra

Dita Racing has remapped many BMW cars in Malaysia with BootMod3. Do contact us to hear and feel the amazing experience BootMod3 can provide when setup with a great exhaust and air intake system. The entire setup will totally transform your driving experience. Click here to see the entire range of BootMod3 engine tuning options we can provide.

For more information, do visit BootMod3’s official website to see its range of car tuning models.