Dita Racing

Ipe Car Exhaust Brands


Innotech Performance Exhaust (iPE) is Dita Racing’s first exhaust brand we distributed in Malaysia since 2014 and we are proud to be known as iPE’s Official Sole Distributor in Malaysia. Since then, our partnership with iPE has grown tremendously. We are proud to say that iPE brand and presence in Malaysia is built from ground up by Dita Racing through our endless pursue of better sales and marketing strategy for the brand.

iPE is a time-tested, reliable producers of the highest quality Valvetronic product. The craftsmanship and technological innovation are second to none. IPE specializes in after-market high-performance exhaust systems for upscale model supercars. The mission is to provide car owners with an advanced exhaust system that reflects the personal commitment to quality and reliability while making every journey an incredible experience.

Valvetronic stands for valve-controlled exhaust technology that delivers power and control to the driver’s seat. iPE’s valvetronic exhaust systems are operated by a remote control module or OBD gesture controller and come in three modes: on, off, and auto. In on mode, the valves are fully open for maximum air flow, allowing for better performance and increased sound volume with an astonishing and clean tone. When pressing the off button, the valves close completely, which significantly reduces the sound volume for a comfortable drive. For the ultimate driving experience, the auto mode is the right choice: the system detects the fuel pedal signal and adjusts the valve movements accordingly and automatically for a dynamic drive.

Dita Racing distributes both iPE Stainless Steel and Titanium Valvetronics Exhaust Systems in Malaysia. iPE is the exhaust for customers who love the high pitch F1 Sound and crazy flames for their supercars. Contact us today to find out how to transform your car to the Formula 1 car you desired today!

For more information, do visit iPE’s official website to see its range of car exhaust systems.