Dita Racing

Fi Car Exhaust System


Dita Racing has added FIE into its product lineup in 2019. FI Exhaust has a wide range of exhausts for sports cars which are unavailable from other car exhaust brands most notably for German Sport cars such as full range of Mercedes and BMWs or UK car brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Frequency Intelligent Exhausts, Taiwan is a new generation of exceptional Performance Exhaust Systems, combining many years of expertise and modern technological advances.

FIE takes pride in knowing that every exhaust they build, every product they create is the fusion of FI’s unique design prowess, cutting-edge signature Valvetronic© Technology and Built-In Intelligent Controller, where comfort and performance are main priorities.

Ever since FIE’s inception, the R&D team have consistently engineered high quality exhaust systems for enthusiasts who demand no-nonsense exhaust system that will perform and project superior sound quality, every single time. FI Exhausts are truly exceptional. Every exhaust system is carefully tuned and rigorously tested to a specific frequency with the Intelligent Controller for optimized, maximum performance.

If you are looking to upgrade your car exhaust system to a better sound, FIE can be a good choice. Contact us at Dita Racing for price, product availability and other information.

For more information, do visit FIE’s official website to see its range of car exhaust systems.