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Maserati Quattroporte MK5


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With the timeless design and its heart from Maranello, the Maserati Quattroporte MK5 unites the best of both worlds: Italian elegance combined with thoroughbred sports car genes. Thanks to our remote controlled Valvetronic exhaust system, it is possible to choose between a comfortable cruise and an impressive and aggressive loud sound. Our valve-controlled full exhaust system replaces the restrictive factory cat-pipes with 200-cpsi sport catalysts and creates a perfectly fitting soundtrack, which turns your Maserati Quattroporte MK5 into an acoustic highlight.
Fitted with an iPE Innotech Valvetronic exhaust the engine is a wonderful sounding masterpiece. By engaging on mode, all hell breaks loose. In any gear, the exhaust produces a throaty roar at low engine speeds and the full symphonic sound of a genuine sports car at higher rpm. A true feast for your ears. But in off mode you won’t have any losses of comfort.