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Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7/7.5

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The Golf GTI MK7/7.5 is one of the hottest hatchback you can get on the market today. In combination with an iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust system, it becomes even hotter. The iPE exhaust system is extremely durable, completely made from stainless steel, and increases performance and driving pleasure to the maximum. The unique exhaust system comes with a down pipe including a 200-cpsi sport catalyst (or optional also with cat-bypass), causing a much deeper and more aggressive, sportive sound. Our premium-class exhaust system has larger pipes in diameter and an optimized exhaust flow, leading to more performance and improved torque and response.
Thanks to the Valvetronic of iPE and its 3 different modes, the Golf GTI MK7/7.5 is suitable for everyday use when the valves are closed; sportive and aggressive when the valves are open; and responsively dynamic when the valves automatically respond to the driving style when the auto mode is used.